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Qripplex is a decentralized, open-source , community platform built for anyone to own and make use of cryptocurrency.

The QRIPPLEX  product has been scheduled to be released in Q2 2018. However the product idea is currently available at This is just an overview of the unreleased product. More features will be rolled out as feedback comes in and development progresses

Today’s evolving blockchain technology allows companies to run marketplaces (B2C or B2B) for faster and cheaper than ever. But there are still problems with the current atmosphere.

For one, the speed and cost by which online marketplaces are developed and run can be improved.

Secondly, at this moment in time escrow payments are still very expensive and far from accepting crypto-currency as payments.

Lastly, the review process for online marketplaces contain several major flaws that must be addressed before marketplaces can be truly decentralized.

When we hit our initial release milestone we will be publishing our open source code via Github. Until then, the best way to keep tabs on our development is to view check our TwitterBlog, and Telegram chat.

To get update on opportunities with Qripplex, visit team & vision.

Most exchanges have a non-disclosure agreement that says if we share our plans to list with the public, we are breaking that agreement and won’t be listed. We understand that our community want to know what exchanges we are targeting, but we simply can’t share in cases where it is part of their policy.

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