Decentralized, Open-Source, Community Platform

Decentralized, Open-Source, Community Driven Platform that allows anyone to own and make use of cyptocurrency.

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Qripplex is a decentralized, open-source , community platform built for anyone to own and make use of cryptocurrency.

The existense of Qripplex was driven by the fact that some people are yet to know about what cryptocurrency is not to mention of investing in cryptocurrency. Qripplex is giving out a great opportunity for new crypto users, crypto enthusiats and absolutely anyone to own and make use of cryptocurrency.

To explain further, Qripplex is an ERC20 token standard built on the ethereum blockchain and thus, it uses a peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority, store house or banks to manage transactions or the likes. Transactions made are carried out collectively on the blockchain. There is no central control over PPL. Qripplex is open source, community driven, and decentralized, anyone is welcome.

Qripplex tends to make its community globally adopted and also allow the use of PPL in real-life applications. We are striving to make Qripplex available in many sectors, but primarily the ecommerce sector, to make PPL widely in use to make payments for any purchase in the sector. And on the user level being able to share money, or just send a gift to a friend, PPL will make this possible!

Why Qripplex

Qripplex is a platform built for the people,owned and controlled by the people. The Qripplex community platform tends to solve existing issues that matters with the use of cryptocurrency. The greater vision of Qripplex (PPL)”the token of the people”, exists with some intelligent features.


Transactions made on the blockchain are seemingly fastor immediate upon performanceand are settled at an average of seconds.


PPL as a ERC20 token standard and thus,it is guaranteed the safety and security of the Ethereum blockchain. Transactions made are secured and enhanced by advanced security features.


Qripplex as a decentralized platform promises the community a highly secured peer-to-peer, fast and transparent experience.


PPL is termed to be the token of the people, and thus requires massive adoption. PPL will be airdropped to all potential community members.


Transactions made are recorded, verified and can be traced on the blockchain.


Qripplex requires a strong community to build its plan successfully.

Our Vision

The crypto-currency world tends to be over-technical and a confusing jargon. We believe
that blockchain technology can solve alot of issues and can be used to deliver to a larger user-base with secured, fast, low TX cost and less confusing use case. Qripplex is striving to be one of the leaders enhancing the adoption of cryptocurrency for everyday use. We intend to simplify and bring the powerful peer-to-peer ledger system into the hands of the people. Our vision to accomplish this is to put the community and the people first. We will always speak of ourselves as a community currency and welcome new users to blockchain technology. We allow our community to dictate how we should make things easier and more effective for their use. We also are community run and desire to set the framework of an open source system where this currency will perpetuate with the community in control and not a large investor or any larger centralized entity. We desire for Qripplex to remain and continue to exist as a decentralized cryptocurrency. We have built PPL to be the token of the people.

Qripplex Exchanges

PPL has been officially listed  and trading on exchanges.


Our Team

We've setup a team of developers with vast experience in cryptocurrency. We will make Qripplex a successful story.
block J.
Cheif visionary planner
We've been working hard to set things right from our end. Our product will be great one. Stay updated with Us.
john opss
Planning is the basic of a successful project. We at Qripplex have a great plan and i'm sure of its success.
palm lipton
Strategic dev
Team are doing their best to ensure maintain the projects growth. I'll say a great job done.
Crypto sam
Crypto Analyst
It's great to work with the Qripplex team. together we will make Qripplex a success story.
telegram community moderator
We will do our best to serve and maintain our community growth. we welcome all suggestions, please talk to us.
Frank Donald
Community Manager

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Disclaimer: Qripplex is a speculative investment and involves high degrees of risk. Investors must have the financial ability, experience and willingness to bear the risks of an investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns and there is no guarantee that the market price of coin will fully reflect their under lying net asset value. There is also no guarantee that Qripplex (PPL) investment objective will be achieved. Potential investors are advised to seek expert financial advice before making any investment decision and should be aware that they may not fully recover the amount invested.

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